Mike Davis – The Local Guy

Mike Davis is Ken’s business partner and the future of Ken’s Tire & Wheel sharing the same philosophy as Ken – treat as you want to be treated. Mike and Ken both possess the same work ethics and believe in hard work, having pride in their job, and being honest.

Born in White Rock, Mike’s family moved to Chilliwack when he was in grade three. He has always been a hands-on guy whether it is in sports or on cars. When Mike finished high school, he approached Ken and offered to work for free to learn the trade. Through the ten years since that fundamental meeting, Mike has shown his focus, determination, and the love of his job to earn the respect and trust from Ken.

Mike really enjoys the sales aspect of the business and the customers. He is committed to listening and having constant interaction with his customers and really appreciates their feedback. He takes great satisfaction and prides himself in consistently doing an excellent job, whether it is a $30 or $30,000 job. It’s not about chasing the money, rather finding value in the accomplishment and continuous motivation to continue providing great service and a job well done. Mike has high expectations of professionalism and understands the mutual respect that must be present in the business – treat your customers fairly and they will return for the quality experience and service you provided and continue to support you.

Mike is the local guy, honest and real; what you see is what you get. With deep family values, he and his wife, ­­­Lindsay, have been married since 2006 and plan to have children. He believes in having a good work-life balance to complete his life. Mike has a true passion and desire to ensure and surpass his family’s and his customers’ happiness.

For Mike, the future of Ken’s Tire & Wheel is continuing to provide the same quality service since its opening in 1994. As their motto says, “We deal in trust & tires,” Mike clearly respects and demonstrates the meaning with integrity and honesty. Mike takes pride in his business, being honest and being a part of the Chilliwack community.


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