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Ken Popove is a proud Owner Operator at Ken’s Tire & Wheel and he has been passionate about tires ever since he changed his first one. Being in the industry for over 30+ years, Ken had worked for almost everyone in town, so when the opportunity to venture out and start his own business came, he accepted the challenge.

Ken’s Tire & Wheel became established in 1994 with a 2,000 square foot shop and two employees, and it has since grown to employ more than 8 employees in an 8,000 square foot, full suspension shop, servicing everything automotive below the axles within it’s 4 bays - and it only continues to grow each year.

Not only does Ken want to provide quality service & products, he wants to ensure his customers have an excellent experience as well. He has actively had a hand in creating the shop's warm and relaxed ambiance to ensure that it is a comfortable and welcoming space for all who enter. When walking into the shop, you will see a true reflection of Ken’s passion and pride for his work and business.

Ken is a devout Chilliwack man and endeavours to give back to his community. He has sat on the City Council for 2 straight terms, and is now the proud Mayor of Chilliwack.

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